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HIP adheres to a strict Corporate Compliance Program as detailed in our Corporate Compliance Plan. This document serves as an internal safeguard, ensuring that all OIG compliance guidelines for physicians are maintained. We also ensure that federal and state regulations are followed for all government programs as well as private payers. The Plan mandates that revisions in policies are constantly monitored to ensure that all rules are appropriately applied. The Plan also includes a robust provider education and feedback program that guarantees that our providers are up to date with all necessary documentation and compliance requirements. A key component of our Compliance Program is the education of all clinical providers, management and staff to follow our Code of Conduct, HIPAA guidelines and to emphasize our culture of high ethical standards.


To ensure quality and accuracy in the physician services billing process, our Compliance Department will regularly conduct reviews and provide client hospitals and providers with ongoing feedback and education. We provide the highest standard of audit and review. Extensive audits may be requested at any time to assist our client hospitals. Our compliance professionals are always available to assist with all issues.


HIP strictly enforces a Code of Conduct Policy for all clinical and administrative staff. We maintain the highest standard of clinical excellence and professionalism. We support ongoing education to ensure that we meet this standard at all times.